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Dignity in Practice: Food for All Workshops

Navigating the Asylum Maze

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Embark on a journey towards truly inclusive community food provision!

In our complex society, barriers persist for those navigating the asylum system. It’s an uphill battle for community food providers to be truly inclusive, when the system that creates barriers for people is so complex and difficult to understand. It's time to understand and overcome these challenges.

We believe that everyone deserves dignified access to food. 

We believe that everyone working in community food provision should have the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the asylum process, to adapt their practice and break down the barriers faced by community members in the asylum process.

Let’s learn together

Our FREE, certified workshops are an opportunity for you and your team to come together with people with lived experience of the asylum system in a safe space, to reflect and learn from each other.

"Dignity in Practice: Food for All," is tailor-made for staff and volunteers engaged in community food services. It offers a unique space for reflection and learning directly from the very people who benefit from these essential services.

The workshops are delivered at a time and place that’s convenient for your team. Register your interest in the workshop below and we’ll arrange a time that suits your availability

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