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Mobile community shops ‘Toot for Fruit’

Midlothian Foodbank

Midlothian Foodbank runs a ‘Toot for Fruit’ van

Midlothian Foodbank runs a ‘Toot for Fruit’ van, a NHS-funded mobile fruit and veg shop that sells good quality produce for fair prices at locations throughout the area. Many of the customers are older people, but the van stops at nurseries too, allowing children to choose their own healthy snacks. As a pilot, the project raised money to give vouchers to families on a low income to spend at the van during the school holidays. 

The driver of the van knows most of the customers well and takes specific orders. He peels and slices turnips for some of his older customers who struggle doing that themselves – and as he often ends up staying for a cup of tea, he can offer other, practical support too where needed. Midlothian Foodbank is looking to source more produce from community gardens in the area and have plans to start their own growing spaces.