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Dignity in practice videos: watch and discuss

Suggested timing: 15 minutes


This guide offers suggestions on how to use the Dignity in Practice videos in volunteer training and development sessions. The aim of the videos is to discuss ways in which dignity can be put at the heart of community work and to inspire the adoption of the Dignity Principles in community food initiatives. 

Note: We suggest that you do the exercise What does Dignity mean to you? before discussing the videos.  


To help staff and volunteers from community food initiatives make best use of the Dignity in Practice videos in their training and development sessions. 


Optional: Click here to access a note-taking template. If you use them make sure each participant has their own. 


Step 1:

Make sure that everyone in the room can see and hear properly. 

Step 2:

Provide a short introduction to the first video as follows:   

This short video introduces the Dignity in Practice project delivered by Nourish Scotland and the Poverty Truth Community. It explains the project’s background and progress to date, and it provides a brief overview of the Dignity Principles in Practice.

An Introduction to Dignity in Practice (1min 37sec)

Optional: Pause and ask the group for questions or comments on this first video. Allow a few minutes for discussion before introducing the second video.

Step 3:

Provide a short introduction to the second video as follows:

This video showcases how a variety of community food initiatives from across Scotland have been working to apply the Dignity Principles in Practice. It features interviews with staff, volunteers and participants from five community organisations: Central & West Integration Network (Glasgow), the Maxwell Centre (Dundee), St Paul’s Youth Forum (Glasgow), Moray Food Plus (Elgin, formerly Moray Foodbank) and Woodlands Community Cafe (Glasgow).

Putting Dignity into Practice (5min 6sec) 


After viewing both videos, invite the group to discuss how the Dignity Principles in Practice are practiced in their own community contexts. We suggest you keep track of what the group says by scribing their thoughts on a large sheet at the front that they can all see, or perhaps by handing out worksheets to each participant for noting their thoughts individually. They can be asked to share this content with the group, or it can remain private.

A note-taking template is provided below for this purpose.

 Questions for discussion:

Note: You can deepen the discussion by using the Challenge Your Senses activity. This suggests alternative ways of using the Putting Dignity into Practice Video for group discussions.