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More than a food bank - developing services based on the dignity principles

Moray Food Plus

Author: Mairi McCallum, Project Manager.

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Who we are

Moray Food Plus provides a busy foodbank service but has also expanded services to include cooking sessions with people of all ages, 1:1 family support, supper clubs, parenting groups, a family centre, growing work, community meals, holiday activities, and a mobile pantry.

Implementing the Dignity Principles

Based on Big Blue mobile pantry

A sence of control

Big Blue widens access to food particularly for people on a low income.

“Love the variety of products that has allowed me to try different things which have not been within my budget before. I also appreciate the fact that it is saving food from going to waste”

Able to take part in community life

Big Blue has enable people living in very remote, strung out villages to come together and has provided a focal point for communities

“We do not have a village shop now, it provides a meeting point in the village ” – Angie, 53.

“This is a great service to our community and is a lifeline to many” – Jennifer, 20.

Nourish and Supported

Big Blue enables people to make healthy choices:

“It has a varied variety of produce and food stuff. I've been able to try food that I wouldn't normally buy/try (meat & veg sausages). It promotes healthy options”

Working with challenges

Staff having enough time to do consultation work - we do make sure we evaluate the work we deliver and gather feedback.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wishing to implement the Dignity principles for the first time?

Don’t be afraid, you have most likely incorporated them into your work anyway.